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Hourly vs Flat Rates


We have done extensive research and found out that most clients like flat rates.

A flat-rate is better for both parties, for the following reasons…

The Customer (YOU)

One of the biggest benefits of the flat rate for customers is the assurance that you aren’t being scammed. Most hourly rates sound very pleasing to the ear but you really have no control over the final cost. It’s comforting to know exactly what you’ll pay for the service. You also want to have your movers hustling and working hard to get your move done (so they can get to another job). Nobody wants their move to last all day. You want to know what you're going to pay.

Don’t worry about them rushing with your stuff and breaking something. They are legally obligated to provide coverage for your cargo. You can also purchase additional insurance for your move. 

The Moving Company.

A flat rate provides a better customer experience. Customers understand what they’re paying and aren’t shocked by a big number at the end of the move. As a mover, you can provide legitimate economic reasons to have your crew hustle and get a job done. If you get it done efficiently and do a great job, you can easily ask the customer for referrals — one of the best sources for new jobs.

Troy Robnison


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